Example of  leasing that was on Ebay --->  stone proof that dealers are looking for sales partners

this auction was active as of 12 2008 and show the pictures because the link will soon be dead, search eBay and Craig's list for license leasing

This dealer is located in Pa. dealers coast to coast are willing to do this( I do not know this dealer and only found this in searching)
This is stone proof, dealers are willing to lease you there license, but you must be serious and professional and you will be successful

place a add  on  Craig's list in the automotive section and the wanted section asking dealers if they would be interested in such a deal

Reply to: [?]                This is a Atlanta craigslist ad    01/09
Date: 2009-01-15, 7:53PM EST

If you can't afford your own auto dealer license, use mine!!!!! This opportunity is extremely limited. Once your application is accepted you will be able to buy cars for pennies on the dollar and re-sale them to the public for huge profits. If you are interested, call 404.254.9345 or reply to the ad.

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